Tomas Riha



Tomas is an experienced architect that has spent the better part of the last seven years trying to mitigate the risk he possess on a project due to his passion for rapid change and continuous improvement. The last three years he has leveraged his experience with architecture, test architecture and test automation building VGT/WirlessCar┬┤s Continuous Delivery process. As of today their process is continuously delivering a platform of about 25 components to different six customers. The process is daily used by a team of about 60 developers, testers, scrum masters and project managers.


1h - Slides+Speech

Scaling Continuous Delivery

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Three years ago we started building our continuous delivery process. We where in desperate need of continuous regression testing. Our delivery platform was growing more so was the number of stakeholders putting requirements on the platform. So to solve our need for continuous regression testing we started doing continuous delivery.

We started building a continuous delivery process as skunkworkz for a team of five. Today we have full organizational support and rolling out the process across the organization to teams working outside the initial delivery platform.

This talk covers how we have dealt with bottlenecks, technical and organizational, while scaling our Continuous Delivery process.





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