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Java-based technologies, dynamic languages, RIA, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing, software craftsmanship and much more...

14-16 May, 2014 Kraków, Poland

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26 May 

See you soon!

Thank you for participating in GeeCON 2014! It was loads of fun (again!) and also the biggest event we did so far. Thanks to Y Soft our appetites grew even more, so… see you in Prague in October! or in July at GeeCON 4 Kids. Stay tuned!

13 May 

What do you need to participate in the conference?

Just an ID. No transfers, confirmations, invoices needed (unless you really want to). Be sure to find the correct registration table, grab your things and you're all set. T-shirts will be distributed later during the conference.


GeeCON 2013: Sam Newman - From Macro to Micro: How Big Should Your Services Be?

Press corner

To sum up, GeeCON was a very good conference but people I met there were even better and more interesting.

Tomasz Dziurko

Last week one of my favourite Java conferences GeeCON took place in Poznan, Poland. The organisers were caring for everything (even free beer ;-), the presentations were interesting and some of the attendees were really passionate about our craft.







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