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Tim Boudreau is a noted technology consultant, evangelist and author. While perhaps most broadly known for his leadership on Sun Microsystems’ NetBeans, those who’ve worked with Tim remark most on his technical chops, passion for a great challenge and rare gift of great communication. And, as a former troubadour, he’s pretty tough when it comes to bad 70s rock lyrics too. A real renaissance programmer.


Everything You Were Taught About Java Is Wrong

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Java is in a strange state in the software industry. People are doing cool new things with it, but at the same time a lot of people would like it to be today's COBOL.

Java is a victim of its success. It is a powerful language, but many developers are trapped by the ideas they were taught when they learned it, or patterns that they saw in Java libraries. Learn why inheritance is evil, JavaBeans are an antipattern, ORM tools are solving the wrong problem, threads for managing I/O are a mistake, and more.

And learn some alternative patterns and ways to do things that work, learning from the mistakes of the past.

NodeJS For Java Developers

NodeJS is a popular and powerful tool for writing servers, adapters, proxies and even system-level scripting. Its strengths are very different than Java's. Combining the two can let you do more, more efficiently and more quickly than using either one by itself.

There are things Java can learn from NodeJS, and patterns you can borrow from coding there for your work in Java which will open up new possibilities for how to do things. This talk will go through the basics of NodeJS, it's packaging system, writing servers and scripts, with comparison to how similar things are done in Java.





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