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Thomas Sundberg is an independent consultant based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm. Thomas has been working as a developer for more than 20 years. He has taught programming at The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, one the leading technical universities in Sweden. Thomas has developed an obsession for technical excellence. This translates to Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code and Test Automation. His current assignment is about automating the delivery of one of Europes largest e-commerce sites.

Thomas is a frequent speaker at different conferences and developer venues.

Thomas runs a blog where he writes about programming, Software Craftsmanship and whatever problem he wants to share a solution about. It can be found at


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(Remote) Pair programming

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Programming is often something that is done in solitude. Problem solving is something that often is done in a group. Programming is always about problem solving. It should therefore be natural to do programming in groups. The group must not be too large and there must be at least two persons to make up a reasonable group. A pair turns out as a good and natural choice. Some of the benefits with pair programming are: Problem solving, Continuous reviews, Quality, Learning, Lower project risks, Satisfaction Pair programming is most efficient when the pair sits next to each other. This is not always possible. I will therefore show how to setup a remote pair programming session and then do some programming with a remote partner. Keywords: Pair Programming, Collaboration





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