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Sang Shin is the founder and chief instructor at (used to be called, a popular online learning site for Java, HTML5, Groovy and Grails, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Web Services, MySQL, and Android developers. Before founding, he was the lead Java technology architect and evangelist at Sun Microsystems. He frequently gives talks and teaches classes on various Java technologies such as Java EE, Java SE, Web application frameworks, Web services technologies to developer audience.


HTML 5 for Java developers

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The web has been evolving for a long time. Yet, the HTML5 is the perfect storm (in a positive sense) in the scale of innovation, which was possible due to several factors: (1) the web is becoming the computing platform of choice (2) mobile devices are increasingly replacing desktops (3) the JavaScript performance increased hundred fold during the past decade (4) healthy competition among browser vendors. And this perfect storm triggers the rethinking on how we, Java developers, build our applications. This session covers the HTML5 technologies that are relevant to Java developers and how it could be taken advantage of for building better, faster, and leaner applications. Key HTML5 technologies - Geolocation, Media, Offline storage, WebSocket, SSE, Cross-domain messaging, Web worker, etc - are briefly mentioned and demonstrated.





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