Paul Szulc



For the past few years has been working as Java consultant for several companies in Wroclaw and Warsaw. He even ran his very own business for a couple of years. His interests and research are focused on architecture and design, especially when those emerge from applying practices like TDD or SOLID. He is a big fan of the whole “clean code” extravaganza, as well as true believer of Craftsmanship Manifesto. Recently he discovered this new-old language called Javascript. He is fascinated with its functional nature and all the advantages it gives in a web and mobile development. Paweł is both luckiest husband on Earth and a proud father of two wonderful kids.


Lightning talk

Extending Chrome - writing your own extensions

Are you using Chrome browser? Have you ever thought about extending its functionality to fit your own needs and desires? If you consider yourself as a webdeveloper, during this talk, I will convince you that you can also think of yourself as Chrome extension developer. We will see how to build some simple extensions, showing how easy it is, once you know how to write Javascript code. Oh, have I mentioned that Javascript is a pre-requirement? Well, it is, but to some extent. If you are not 100% familiar with the language, but you are a fast learner, don't worry, you will be just fine.





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