Michael Heinrichs



Michael works in Barclays on a low latency trading system implemented mostly in Java. Before that, he was responsible for performance optimizations in JavaFX Mobile at Sun Microsystems and later became the technical lead of the JavaFX core components at Oracle.

Michael loves to spend time with his family and cooking.


1h - Slides+Speech

Do-it-yourself usability design for developers

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Good user experience (UX) is essential in modern software, be it a web-application based on JavaEE, Spring, Play or a similar framework, or a rich client developed with JavaFX/Swing. It is a must-have in consumer oriented applications and even in business applications good user experience becomes increasingly important. Therefore proper UX design should be embedded into the development of any user facing software. Unfortunately only few teams are equipped with a UX expert and it is up to the developers to incorporate good usability.

This talk covers the basics of UX design. We will take a look at several concrete and simple techniques that every team can use, even with small budget, and that will enable you to increase the usability of your software tremendously.





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