Marek Matczak



Software architect working for Capgemini Software Solutions Center in Wrocław, Poland. Marek specializes in web applications and Java-related technologies and currently supports various projects for the global logistics service provider as team leader and solution architect. He likes programming which allows him to stay close to code development issues. He graduated from Poznan University of Technology in 2003 and started his career at Capgemini in 2004. In 2011 he gave a talk on 10 Common Pitfalls When Using Hibernate at GeeCON). Also, Marek is responsible for content-related part of TechTalk@Capgemini events. One of his talks (in Polish) can be seen at:


1h - live coding

AngularJS: Java developer's real-life experiences

There are many approaches to how web applications can be designed and what framework stack can be used to implement them. Especially the Java world is famous for a great number of web frameworks, but, despite this fact, it is still looked for new solutions as if something is missing…

The talk will discuss one more approach which becomes more and more popular today: the client part is implemented in pure JavaScript with the use of the AngularJS framework while the server part in Java. I will start giving a crash introduction to JavaScript; this will allow me to demonstrate AngularJS in a live-coding demo. During the talk I will pay attention to a Java developer perspective always trying to find a counterpart concept in the Java world. What is more, I will end by sharing my practical experience gained while working on a real-life project adapting the approach. I wonder if we will find the missing element in the web development world :)





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