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Ken Sipe is a passionate 18 year veteran of enterprise software development leadership and founder of Code Mentor, Inc, a St. Louis consultancy. Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering, continuous delivery practices and agile processes. His current topics of research are centered around software quality, project automation and the future of cloud technologies.


1h - live coding

Advance Spock

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The Spock unit testing framework is on the verge of a 1.0 release and has already proven itself to be the next generation thinking on how to test Java production code. Spock hands down is the best way for developers to mock and test Java applications. One of Spock's great features is the ability to write your own custom extensions.

This session is a fast paced (not for beginners), code centric view on how to use the advanced features in Spock including custom extensions and interceptors.

Go - The Language of the Cloud

As Paul Graham said, it is "a mistake to program in anything but the most powerful [language]". The cloud's continued pressure to push scale high on the Moore's Law curve requires a fresh look at a powerful language, Go (Golang). Go was created by Google to solve this challenge. The language strikes a great balance between concurrency needs at runtime and rapid development and maintainability. Open source projects such as Cloud Foundry are moving their projects from Ruby and Java to Go for a reason. Go's goroutines and channels are just so much easier to work with than Java threads and locks, there's just absolutely no comparison at all.

This session will provide a code centric introduction to the language of the cloud, Go.





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