Heather VanCura



Heather manages the JCP Program Office and is responsible for the building, supporting, and leading the community. She oversees the web site, JSR management and posting, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership through new members and renewals. Heather has a front row seat for studying trends within the community and recommending changes. Several changes to the program in recent years have included enabling broader participation, increased transparency and agility in JSR development. She also developed outreach programs and events for the JCP program, including the community gathering at the annual JavaOne Conference. Heather enjoys speaking at conferences, such as Devoxx, Java Zone, and the JavaOne Conferences. She is also the author of the JCP Blog, Twitter feed (@jcp_org) and Facebook page.


How to Participate in the Future of Java

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Learn how to take part in Java technology evolution through the Java Community Process (JCP) program. You can participate as an individual, corporation, or nonprofit such as a Java user group (JUG). This session gives you step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the JCP Program, the Adopt-a-JSR program and provides tools for running JUG events as part of the Adopt-a-JSR program. We will discuss details such as how to run hack days, translate content into local languages, and collaborate with other JUG leads on Adopt-a-JSR activities. In addition, highlights of use cases from JUG hack days and events leading up to and contributing to the Java EE 7 and Java SE 8 JSRs will be shared.





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