Gleb Smirnov



Dealing with stability-critical applications, including, but not limited to financial systems, for a number of years. A fierce practitioner of TDD. Actively promoting Mutation Analysis in russian-speaking JUGs, mainly via articles and talks. Recently changed the employer from Yandex to Deutsche Bank.


1h - Slides+Speech

Mutation Analysis or What Code Coverage Doesn't Test

What do I do if I have lots of tests but still regularly encounter production incidents? What do I do if my Code Coverage metrics are cool, but the code isn't? Obviously, it's time to test the tests. A great way to do so was invented way back in 1971, but the Industry is only now starting to recognize it. Long story short, Mutation Analysis messes with the source code, and then runs the tests. All the good tests should fail, and the rest should be fixed.

The talk features a detailed overview of the general concept of Mutation Analysis, covers the available Java tools to do it, and shares a couple of success stories.

The event will cover Mutation Analysis, an approach that lets engineers be more confident in the quality of their tests ans code. They will learn to use this approach, and it is important to do so, as it saves a lot of time & nerve compared to classical ways like Code Coverage and Code Review.





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