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Bartosz Majsak works as a software developer at Cambridge Technology Partners based in Zurich. He is a passionate about open source technologies and testing methodologies. He is a proud holder memeber of Arquillian core team and lead of two modules - Persistence Extension which makes writing database oriented tests even easier and Spock Test Runner which gives your Arquillian tests some BDD and Groovy love. One thing which might prove that he is not a total geek is his addiction to alpine skiing.


15min - Lightning talk

Life is too short to write CRUD

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Is programming, especially in the enterprise world, all about wrapping your head around plethora of frameworks or understanding how singleton, proxy, factory or bean works in the given context? Is juggling with SOAP or REST all what is there to play with? Where are all these cool things we learned in the college? Are we really growing as programmers? If you have such doubts join me in this quickie to hear a bit of personal experience about the ways to improve as software developer.

1h - Slides+Speech

Testing Polyglot Persistence Done Right

Data storage is one of the most crucial parts of any applications, and we use many different tools and tricks to keep it in a good shape. We frequently use both old school relational systems with new approaches commonly known as NoSQL. We write sophisticated queries and use optimization techniques to give our end users the greatest possible experience.

So why is persistence very often skipped in the testing efforts? Is it really that complex and painful to setup? During this talk we will have a closer look at Arquillian Persistence Extension together with NoSQLUnit. These tools remove that burden and boilerplate to make you a happy and productive programmer again! Join this session and see for yourself that writing tests for your data storage logic is as easy as writing normal unit tests!





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