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23 Nov

- Peter Kofler "Code Cop"

Last week one of my favourite Java conferences GeeCON took place in Poznan, Poland. The organisers were caring for everything (even free beer ;-), the presentations were interesting and some of the attendees were really passionate about our craft.

23 Nov

- Isabel Drost

If you are ever invited as a speaker to GeeCon: Do accept! It’s really well organised, an incredibly friendly atmosphere, and a really tasty speaker’s dinner.

23 Nov

- Tomasz Dziurko

To sum up, GeeCON was a very good conference but people I met there were even better and more interesting.

23 Nov

- Arun Gupta

Overall, the movie theater-style seating worked well and the technical crew knew their job very well. The volunteers were very prompt in showing the time remaining which was helpful.

23 Nov

- Bruce Eckel

This was the quickest I've ever seen complete open-spaces novices fill up a board. As always, the discussions went very well, everyone seemed very happy with the event.





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