Wiktor Żołnowski



Agile Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer focused on process improvements and basic technical practices like TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. Author of “Myths and Problems in Agile” and "Agile transformations" books. Blogger Initiator of “Bring Your Own Problem” community (

During last few years he has been participating and leading couple Agile transitions in various IT organisations. Currently he is co-owner at Code Sprinters ( - Agile Consulting company from Poland.


15min - Lightning talk

Page Object Pattern - it's changed my life!

This short presentation is a story of me as a QA. I will tell you how after one discussion and discovering of Page Object Pattern I've spend 48 hours in a row on rewriting all our automated tests.

Why I've done this? Cause that time it was a cure for all of my problems connected with tests maintainability.

This story took place few years ago... What I've learned since then? What benefits now I see in this approach? Why still I am using this pattern and recommending it to ever tester which I've meet?

I will tell you during this lightning talk.

1h - Slides+Speech

BDD & Agile Requirements - do it right!

I've seen many implementation of BDD or ATDD which failed because people didn't get that BDD is not about writing requirements in User Story format, but about discussing and getting rid of requirements which doesn't make sense - business sense...

During this presentation I will tell you few words about BDD, Continuous Delivery, User Stories, Agile Requirements and Coaching which I am using everyday when working with my customers. I will show you some common mistakes, and give you solutions for problems which you probably already have if you are trying to use BDD.

If you ever seen User Stories like: "As a user I want to log in into application so I will be logged in into application" and you feel that it doesn't make any sense - this presentation is exactly for you.

We will try to write together some good User Stories so be prepared!





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