Lukáš Fryč



Lukas Fryc is a web programming professional and a testing geek, working at JBoss, Red Hat as a Software Engineer on various web-related stuff such as project RichFaces; he is also a founder and core contributor to Arquillian Graphene, Arquillian Warp and Arquillian Drone extensions.

In last years Lukas led efforts for re-architecting test suite for RichFaces (JSF component library) and built a groundwork for testing RichWidgets library (inspired by Bootstrap and jQuery Widget Factory).

Lukas is an advocate of rapid test development which itself makes test-driven development a breeze and fun.


1h - Slides+Speech

Arquillian: Helping web developers and QA get along

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Modern development practices include testing our Web applications as a fundamental part of the application development lifecycle. Web UIs though can be particularly difficult to test with basic tools. Arquillian is an award-winning integration testing framework and Selenium WebDriver is an outstanding tool for UI test automation. Together they offer a base for high-quality tests.

This session looks to the Arquillian Universe for help. Equipped with the Arquillian extensions - Drone, Graphene and Warp - we will show you tests that cover both client-side (REST) and server-rendered (JSF) web applications. With a single test it is now possible to assert state (both in the server and on the client) at arbitrary points within the request lifecycle!

We will look at current best practices for how to achieve a rapid turnaround when doing test development by minimizing the effort required to write tests, and thereby increase productivity and thus making these tests future-proof. Additionally we will show tools and techniques that provide a separation of concerns between test authors (developers) and test automators (QA). How to execute a single test in both arbitrary server containers as well as arbitrary client browsers. And how it can enable us to run test suites in constrained environments like cloud-based continuous integration providers.





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